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Aclas fiscal printer PP7x

Aclas Fiscal Printer - PP7x

Oblique paper-sensor for precisely paper end sensor. Optimized mechanical design to replace cutter easily without opening the cabinet). Optimized mechanical design with a cutter on the upper side to easily remove from paper jam. Easy paper loading. Two printing speeds: 250mm/s; 150mm/s. Two different paper sizes: 57mm and 80mm). Multiple communication module: serial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet,BT, WiFi.

  • Up to 150mm/s high print Speed
  • 32*144 graphic LCD (2-line characters)
  • Supporting 2750 Daily Reports
  • Optional SD cards supporting 7 years of usage
  • Optional inbuilt GPRS Module transmitter
  • Interface 18RS232,
  • 1*USB 1*Ethernet

Lynx Distribution is the exclusive Authorized Distributor for Aclas Fiscal Printer – PP7x in Kenya and East Africa.

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Aclas Electronic signature device ES1X

Aclas ESD (Electronic Signature Device) ES1X

ESD is a fiscal electronic signature device for the validation of business-to-business financial transactions, ie. Invoice, receipt, freight document and bill etc. Secure,  reliable storage, and transparent to the user operation to help get free from any human errors & eliminate possible disputes..

  • Up to 150mm/s high print Speed
  • 32-bit processor and multi ports
  • 4mb FM supporting 5years fiscal data storage
  • “G SD card, GPRS Ethernet is optional
  • inbuilt large capacity Li-battery capacity 2-10 hours work & 600 receipts print out continuously

Get the best offer for Aclas ESD ES1X from Lynx Distribution in Kenya & East Africa

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Aclas ETR CRBX Fiscal devices

Aclas ETR (Electronic Tax Register) CRBX

The Aclas CRBX ETR machine is a small and portable cash register. It features a long-lasting battery with up to 8-hours of standby time and it can work as a calculator.

  • Up to 250mm/s high print Speed
  • Auto-cutter 3″
  • 32-bit Processor
  • Max 4mbit fiscal memory (2750 pcs daily reports
  • Compatible with ESC/POS command & OPOS driver/support SD card, GPRS, Ethernet (optional)

Lynx Distribution has the best Aclas CRBX ETR Machine in Kenya & East Africa

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