Complete Antitheft Devices to protect merchandise for retail chains, mid-market retailers, and small retail operators as well as library for education institutions

Lynx Distribution supplies and services a range of advanced retail anti-theft, shoplifting detection systems and devices like Retail theft detection panels, reusable, hard tags, anti-theft labels, Detachers, Deactivators. Distinguished for outstanding design, advanced functionality, ease of use, reliability and quality for effective Theft Prevention in today’s retail businesses

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Cross Point Modus RF 30 Transmitter and Receiver

The MODUS RF30 is an RF based 8.2 MHz article surveillance system offering Smart Sensitivity Control, which results in excellent detection of hard tags and paper labels and less false alarming in challenging store environments. Being derived from the NEXUS RF30, the MODUS RF30 has the same look and feel, but without visitor counting features. The optional integrated transparent panels give the antenna a premium look and function as a step blocker, preventing children from climbing into the antenna.
Panels can be printed with the logo of the store to customize the antenna.

  • Anodized aluminum frame, robust design
  • Premium detection characteristics
  • Selectable notifications for different alarm types
  • Optional transparent panels
  • Also available in AM technology

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Detacher & Deactivator

Cross Point Connected RF Deactivator

Cross Point RF Deactivators are combined label detectors and label deactivators, designed for high speed & long-distance detection and deactivation of RF Labels. Single loop antenna technology enables flexible and optimized use of deactivation antennas including integration with barcode scanners.
The Connected RF Deactivator can be connected with Cross Point’s web-based Integrated Loss Prevention Platform, called CrossCONNECT.

  • Detect before deactivation
  • Optical indicators for label detection
  • Interlock possibility for POS scanners (connected version only)
  • CrossCONNECT enabled (connected version only)

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Cross Point Code Lock Detacher Chrome

Detachers are sometimes used a thousand times a day and are subject to wear. Durable material is therefore an advantage, with steel and aluminum being excellent choices. The Code LOCK detacher models are stand-alone detachers, intended for Cross Point patented OSTRA AM and RF tags with shell. To prevent use after opening hours, they are provided with a lock. In addition, they can be used in the counter and on the counter. Of course, there is the possibility to secure it to the desk to prevent removal of the detacher.

  • Locking
  • 9.600 Gauss release strength
  • Recessed and desktop mounting
  • Lock using a special key

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Antitheft devices Hard tags

Consumables Hard & Soft Tags

Cross Point OSTR D40 RF (Hard Tags)

The OSTRA series offers the unique and patented Total Enclosure Design (TED) concept that fully conceals the vital securing pin inside of the oyster casing of the tag design. Together with the Code Lock method of locking pins within the tag developed by Cross Point, OSTRA tags offer the highest protection against unauthorized attempts to remove tags. A steel lanyard can be used to attach the tags to those products that cannot be secured using the TED shell. The best system performance can be achieved when OSTRA tags are used in combination with Cross Point systems.

  • Code Lock locking method
  • Patented Total Enclosure Design (TED)
  • Attractively designed Frequency 8.2 MHz (RF) and 58 kHz (AM)
  • White color

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